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Using open wlan driver stlc45xx with Maemo

Yesterday I tested the open source WLAN driver stlc45xx developed by Kalle Valo and community.

First I tested it with Maemo using a simple open wlan network and it works fine.

The problems that I faced:

* Missing tools
You will need some tools that does not came with the original image. Some extra packages installed(wireless-tools dropbear-server libicd-network-dummy dropbear-scp) using an extra repositories. I installed the packages with default Maemo kernel(2.6.21-omap1) to have access to internet during the installing of preview packages.

* RD flags did not work properly
Using all flags defined by README the device turn off without any output or error message. :( I used the “flags no-omap-wd, no-lifeguard-reset” as Briglia and it works. 😉

* Navegate using Maemo browser
Maemo does not recognize the WLAN interface and I’m not able to select a network using the UI. So I connected to network using Xterm, but anyway I was not able to navegate using MaemoBrowser. It was necessary to create a DUMMY connection say the Maemo ICD that network is available.

I did some notes and it’s available on my wiki page.

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