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Exchanging experiences – Bluetooth <-> Linux Kernel

It’s time to develop Bluez!

Last month I started working on a new project at INdT. I’m going to help BlueZ development and the new features that are coming, Bluetooth Low Energy is the next generation of Bluetooth. At this moment Bluetooth SIG is still finishing specifications but I need to get used to BlueZ development and current Bluetooth protocol. I’ve been working with some small BlueZ features to get some experience with it. And I got some patches applied to bluez.git .

Part of our team has experience with Linux kernel development(INdT-Manaus) and some co-workers have good experience with BlueZ(INdT-Recife). Sharing this knowledge was something very important for the team. Now I’m in Recife learning a lot about BlueZ, Bluetooth and Obex with Claudio Takahasi and Vinicius Gomes.  :)

I prepared some material to introduce Linux kernel development. You can access this material HERE!

I’m very excited about this new project! It’s gonna be challenging! 😀

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  1. 30, abril, 2010 em 13:24 | #1

    You could talk with Adenilson from the manaus site, he’s developed a pet project[1] with extensive bluetooth usage. After all, if someone wants to develop BT internals, he needs to understand userspace needs first 😉

    [1] http://code.google.com/p/amora

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